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09:57am 24/12/2009

Happy Holidays from me, Polina and the rest of the NY Decay Collective! Please enjoy this lovely compilation.

01 - Dum Dum Girls - Merry Christmas Baby Please Don't Die (feat. Crocodiles)
02 - Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Cold White Christmas
03 - Julia Shammas Holter - Neighbor Neighbor
04 - Times New Viking - High Holidays
05 - The Aislers Set - Hit The Snow
06 - Gay Beast - Mama, Wrap My Coffin In The AIDS Quilt Cuz It's Cold As Hell
07 - Kania Tieffer - Christmas Song
08 - Fursaxa - Russian Snow Queen
09 - CC Ivory - Christmas in Hollis feat. 1-800-ZOMBIE
10 - Thee Headcoatees - Santa Claus
11 - Au Revoir Simone - It's Christmastime Again
12 - Caldera Lakes - Snowstorm
13 - A Beautiful Lotus - Jingle Bells
14 - Drug Rug - Winter Time
15 - The Shaggs - We Have A Savior
16 - Married In Berdichev! - Cloe To Home, I Hear Bells Ringing
17 - Atlas Sound - Winter Vacation
18 - Ravishing Beauties - No Need To Cry
19 - Aled Jones - O Holy Night

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12:07pm 12/12/2009
I hate winter. I fucking hate it. I love Christmas, though, but I can't really abide temperatures under 50 degrees. "Move to LA and get a boob job, Tit Man. Combine your love of breats with your mistrust of insects and get monster jugs filled with bugs." Sweet idea, m8, but there's one problem: I also hate driving, so a place without a decent public transport system is yucky for me. Instead I'll just keep cranking out the summer-themed compilations, all hazy and nostalgic and just a bit dark. Okkvlt for life, rad as heck druid death awaits me.

Download Kid Sportswear - Okkvlt Svmmer mini-mix!
De Rol Le'
Time For Dreams
Active Child
Pina Chulada
Class Actress
Sports Hit Paradise
Matrix Metals

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////DIE SLOW//// 
06:30am 06/12/2009

It's over////////////

Kid Sportswear - Felch Goth? Yes.

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09:45pm 30/11/2009

PΔRT II: The old languages are dead. How do we speak to our neighbors and family. Our only escape? Fucking weed + working out at the beach. "Stay gold, Pony Boy" I whisper in the mirror. True stories of the yay.

Kid Sportswear - Flesh Goth Dress

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06:40pm 23/11/2009
  Lol I used to mod this craphole....

anyway thought you niggas might enjoy this

30 tracks from some of today's best purveyors of dreariness, from the dark dub of SALEM to the Siouxsieisms of Tamaryn. Kick up some coffins with the garage girls of Hollows, and then wail to some no-wavey post-punk from Bestial Mouths. All of the fun of goth with none of the social stigma!

Kid Sportswear - Fresh Goth Mess

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Mr. Manic - Goth-O-Matic EP 
05:46pm 18/02/2008
  Click the pic, or click the link
Which one you choose shows me how you think!

Link to download free Goth-O-Matic EP

What is the Goth-O-Matic? I know how much goths LOVE credibility, but it's not always easy to get a hold. Alas, through me, your death hawk and fishnets will no longer be in vain. From the man who has traveled across dimensions with Rubella Ballet, swam the spirits with Sex Gang Children, and even witnessed a conversation with Frank the Baptist about swamp ass and ball-sagna! And there's plenty more Deathrockploitation where that came from! So I made it easy for you and packaged it up in a neat little download album, where you can become more Gother than any "thou" that might cross your path by jumping into the GOTH-O-MATIC.

Strap up those band pins and patches, spray that hair, and rip up them fishnets.

You'll be even more credible than a Batcave Reunion Tour audience member who paid for the SUPER ticket!

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04:03pm 16/05/2007
  As I was born and brought up in Holland I thought I'd share with you a Dutch Post Punk band called 'Tedje en de Flikkers' (translated = Teddie and the Faggots)

They were a controversial band back in 1979 and popular within the Dutch underground Post Punk/Punk scene..

Here's 2 clips of them, the songs were released in 1979. They released 1 LP.

'Op de baan' (This song is about jerking off in the park and other places)

'Zwart Leer' (song is about black leather and how it looks lush wrapped around your knob and bottom)


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06:58am 16/10/2006
  This community is here for the sole purpose of helping people discover new music and rediscover old music, specifically in the realm of goth, post-punk, oddball wave bands, and deathrock.


1) All posts must contain a song or a link to songs. The easiest way to do this is to upload a song on a site like Savefile, Rapidshare, or your own server. Sites like those do delete your file after 25 uploads or 7 days and it will be up to you whether or not you upload the song for us again. Post the new link in the same post. Note: On a high speed connection this takes about 5 minutes.
2)NO posting of albums that are still in print, or can be purchased via any music retailer or online store. You will be warned the first time, followed by a automatic ban the second.
3) Yes, you can promote your band, as long as you provide us a way to listen to your music online.
4) This is not a place to post club flyers or set lists (unless you're going to give us every song on the set list :P.)
5) No promoting other communities unless you're approved by one of the mods (woundedllama, kid_sportswear, or dean_buried.)
6) Songs can be anything from the early stuff that everyone has heard to brand new stuff from brand new artists. If you have some song you just haven't stopped listening to since the 80s? Post it. If you want opinions on a new band or song? Post it. Obscure stuff is also nice ;).
7) Constructive criticism for a new band is great but there is absolutely no need for bickering just because you don't like the artist someone posted. If you're a problem more than once, you will be banned.
8) MP3 and WMA formats only. Zip and rar files are okay if you're sharing a whole album. Videos are also okay.
9) Your post should give us this information:
Song Title:

9) All posts are automatically friends only.
10) Post as much as you want.

Other things to know:
If you would like to make a request, please see this page. DO NOT post your requests in the community, they will be deleted.

WHAT NOT TO POST: EBM (excepting maybe DAF or the like), futurepoop, techno, metal, industrial-influenced dance/rock (KMFDM, Icon Of Coil, Wumpscut etc), J-rock, mainstream Hot Topic crap, Apocalyptic Folk, The Cruxshadows (on the general grounds that they're bollocks) and songs to be "ironic" or "funny" (it's stupid at goth clubs, and it's stupid here).

Of course, deviations from goth, deathrock and post-punk are allowed (to include real industrial, minimal, wave, weird/dark avant garde, gothabilly and darkwave) but use common sense.

And most importantly: If you download something and like it, please support the artist and buy their music.

Breaking these rules will get your post deleted. Breaking the rules more than once will get you banned. :)

Sister Communities:

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